Lots of riders challenge themselves to go on bigger, longer, faster rides as their fitness grows. Becoming a stronger cyclist means your riding can take you to more incredible places. For some riders, ticking off their longest ride or conquering a giant European col, just isn’t quite enough. These riders need someone else to challenge, they need to go head to head, they need to race.

For our youth riders the Go-Ride league offers a great introduction to racing, with the opportunity to move on to local-level crit and cyclocross racing.

For our adult riders, grass-roots racing is huge, with a wide variety of events on our doorstep and some fierce competition from other local clubs.

Racing opportunities in the UK extend from the big national championships right down to local level novice events pitched at first time racers. Wherever you are on that scale there will be events you can join in and have fun with. Many of our members have tried out racing for the first time since joining our club.