Sunday Morning Rides

We follow a variety of routes in Kent and the surrounding area.

Everyone must sign up in advance for our group rides. New riders are welcome to join us for up to three rides before becoming members.

Sign up to ride on RiderHQ

Sign up for a ride

Please sign up via RiderHQ. Ride entry opens 7pm Monday and closes 2pm Saturday or when the ride is full for rides the following Sunday.

Signing up is essential as groups are currently limited to 8 riders, including the leader. It helps us manage groups and provides rider contact details for leaders. 

Groups meet at intervals between 7:30am and 8:20am. Most are outside SE20 Cycles, with some additional rides outside the Crooked Billet Pub (over the road).

Cancelling a ride. If you cannot attend a ride you have signed up for, please cancel. This Facebook message explains how to remove yourself on RiderHQ. If you are not a member, you can’t cancel the ride yourself: email the Ride Co-ordinator at

Choosing the right ride

If you are unfamiliar with riding in a group you should read our group riding guidelines. New riders are insured for the first 3 rides. After that, you must have your own 3rd party insurance to ride with us.

Pick a ride that you are confident you can keep up with. Be realistic with the distance you are used to and the average speed you can maintain over hilly terrain. If you’re not sure, drop down to an easier ride. Better to underestimate your ability and enjoy the ride. More details can be found on our routes page.

  Group Depart Location Speed Distance Duration
Steady 8:15am SE20 Cycles 10-11mph 24–27 miles 4 hours
Suitable for those new to group riding or for those who want a fairly gentle ride. The routes avoid the more challenging hills in the area. Always stops for coffee and cake…or even bacon baps. On this ride you can build your fitness and confidence.
Improving riders who have outgrown the steady ride but are not confident they can keep up with the next level. The same course as other Short rides but with a bit more stopping and slightly slower.
Suitable for most fit riders. Challenge yourself on the hills of Kent’s lovely countryside.
Faster climbing and leaders may add some challenging hills. Generally less stopping and tighter group riding.
A ride that is similar to Short 3, but slightly faster, and typically with some challenging hills.
Brisk, with few stops to re-group, this should be a ride Short 3 riders can step up to when they want a tougher workout. It is still a social ride where the group stays together.
Longer distance at a more relaxed pace. This is a ride for those who normally do the Steady, or Short 1 or 2 but who fancy a longer ride. It’s great if you have signed up for a big sportive and need some extra mileage.
The pace is getting quicker and the ride more experienced ride leaders will throw in some extra challenges. Group riding is encouraged and the rides will include some technical sections and steep hills.
Suitable for more experienced and quicker riders who are familiar with group riding. This will definitely include some challenging climbs and some fast sections.
This is a social ride for fast riders. Make sure you find Long 3 relatively easy and perhaps ride with a Long 4 regular rider before giving this one a go.
We don’t run these every week, so look out for announcements. They are aimed at experienced and fit riders looking to train over a longer distance, perhaps for an organised sportive event.
They will often leave earlier than the other rides and be out for up to 6 hours, moving at an average 13-15mph. They will definitely take in some of the local classics, like Leith Hill, White Down, Toys Hill and go out to more far flung places like the Ashdown Forest.

Listen to your ride leader. If you ride off the front, it’s your responsibility to relocate the group. If you want to blast up a hill, let the leader know first and discuss where to regroup. If you get dropped on a hill, don’t panic: the ride will wait for you. If this often happens, you might enjoy an easier group next time. Club rule: No one is left behind!

Groups are limited to eight riders

This allows for fewer riders than we used to cater for. Please only sign up for a ride if you’re certain you’ll be riding.

If a ride is fully-booked, we will set up additional groups to go out depending on leader availability.